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The following types of telephones are available for guests, meeting and convention service and administrative staff. Please advise your Catering/Event Manager if you need the use of a phone for your program.

Internet Access


Guest Room Calls

Guest Room Calls
Type of Call                      Instructions              Rates
EMERGENCY                     5555                          No Charge
Room to Room                  7+Room Number       No Charge
Local                                   9+Number               0.2RMB in first three mins.after that 0.1RMB per minute.+15% surcharge
Long Distance                   9+0+Number             0.7RMB/M
(Chinese Mainland)
Long Distance                    9+00+CC+Number     2RMB/M
International                      9+00+CC+Number     8RMB/M
Local, Long Distance and International Calls will be billed to your account only when the call is answered. Applicable Taxes will be added, and rates subject to change.
You may obtain free rate information at any time by dialing 9+00 and ask the AT&T Operator for the rate of an Operator Assisted Call. Hilton subscribes to AT&T Long Distance and Operator Services. 

Voice Mail

Voice Mail enables you to receive your messages when you are outside the hotel and even after you have checked out.

To hear messages, if the red light is flashing on your guest room telephone:
4. Lift the receiver
5. Press MESSAGE key.
6. Follow recorded instructions.

Should you require assistance while using Voice Mail, simply press the “*” key at any time.

Video Teleconferencing

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